International Pillow Fight Day, Trafalgar Square, London, UK.
Seal in St Ives Harbour, water so blue and turquoise.
Member of public with Skateboard at an art show in London, UK.
Lady on the phone at the Skip Garden for a food & drinks event one evening. Documentary Photography.
DJ in dark room with little lighting at the Skip Garden.
Football Going into the net for FIFA & Electronic Arts.
Just Married spray-painted on a car with Balloons!
Little boy at a Somerset House Exhibition wearing a Canadian t-shirt.
Man walking in empty factory.
Member of the public walking along a Berlin platform.
Girl with fan in Venice.
Stripey vest inside window, Berlin, Germany.
Legs in Megavissey Harbour.
Ballerinas & Dancers on a Samsung Shoot. BTS.
Bombay Sapphire gin being poured at the Golden Bee nightclub.
Two performance artists performing at the Somerset House Studios Launch Night.
Man drinking coffee in a Nespresso shop, shot from the street in Munich, Germany.
Flamborough Fire Festival, New Years Eve.
Puddle reflections in Wimbledon.
Cows at English Farm, Nuffield.
Portrait of Lindsey in Shoreditch for Aida
Flamborough Fire Festival, New Years Eve.
Bird's eye view of some kids right at the edge of the water near St Michael's Mount, Cornwall.
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