Ben Peter Catchpole is a photographer and director living in London, UK. He received a BA [Hons] in Photography from the University of Falmouth, Cornwall. Shortly after, he headed to the capital to become a 'creative' with a multidisciplinary approach to visual arts.

Having spent many years living by the sea, he finds a lot of inspiration in the natural vistas surrounding us. Everything & everyone is deemed cinematic and imbued with emotion. It's these values and feelings that flow through Ben's work. He wants to show love for his subject matter the only way he knows how; to place it in it's best 'light'.

Adept at bringing together other creatives, Ben has a circle of collaborators, model-builders, set designers, stylists and producers amongst others, all coming together to create engaging imagery for his international clientele and personal projects.

When not on location or in the studio, Ben, an ardent home cook, can be found experimenting with different recipes, nurturing sourdough starters and sharing time with his wife, Jane, a celebrated senior graphic designer.

Ben shoots commercial and editorial work in the UK and Worldwide for brands and creative agencies.

A selection of work is available as limited edition prints.


Google // Somerset House // Deepmind // Jones Knowles Ritchie // Athru Whiskey // Matheson Marcault // Electronic Arts // The London Magazine // British Airways Business Life // Cedar // Nespresso // Irving Scott // Bisto // 17 Patterns // NYX // Soda Says // Open Space Contemporary // Skip Garden


London, UK.
+44 (0)7742816173

Current resident at photography studio hire London - desk space

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