Ben Eines, a Typographic Artist, photographed for BA Business Life Magazine.
Hannah Fry, Mathematician, Author, Lecturer, Radio and Television Presenter, Podcaster and Public speaker photographed at Deepmind London.
Portrait of Adam Buxton, Presenter, Actor, Comedian and Podcaster.
Portrait of Adah Parris, public speaker! Photographed for IAMREMARKABLE, a Google Initiative workshop that empowers women & minorities.
Portrait of Radhika Khimji, Artist.
Paris & Nosca in the studio.
Brendan Greene, PUBG games designer & entrepreneur. Photographed for BA Business Life Magazine.
Portrait of Lindsey, Shoreditch, London.
Marcia Kilgore, BeautyPie, London.
Portrait of Alex LoSardo, Musician.
Portrait of Lee at Somerset House during a Now Play This Festival/Exhibition.
Valerie, London. Shot for Bisto.
Deepmind Staff portrait, London.
Laura Jordan Bambach for IAMREMARKABLE, Google.
Daniel Radcliffe, London, 2010.
Nora Silva, Performance Artist, London, 2019.
Tim, English Farm, Nuffield.
Natalia Nosova, Artist, in the studio. London.
Kid playing with games at the Artful Spark event.
Cahal, London.
Adelaide Damoah, Artist.
Adelaide Damoah, Artist.
Nora Silva, Performance Artist, London, 2019.
Poonam, Fitflop.
Alessandro, Drummer.
Maggie L, photographed for a book cover at Harper Collins.
Michele, London.
Fred, London. Photographed for Spare Chair Sunday campaign for Bisto.
Orlando Rock, Christie's chairman. Photographed at Christie's, London.
Will, Laser Harp Musician, London.
Lehana, London. Photographed for the IAMREMARKABLE google initiative.
Sushi Chef, Irving Scott, London.
Nosca in his London flat.
Dan, Sargeants London.
Steve, Sargeants London.
Lord Dannatt, photographed at the Tower of London.
Rupert & Ed, Godrich Interiors, London.
Laura Jordan Bambach, CEO Mr President, London. Photographer for the IAMREMARKLABLE Initiative for Google.
Guy Fletcher, Dire Straits, photographed in his music studio.
Daisy, Headshot, London.
Phil, Falmouth.
Ben Eines, Artist, Photographed for BA Business Life magazine. London.
Hugo, Brother Film, Sligo, Ireland.
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